Zebra Technologies Delivers A Performance Edge To The Front Line

Friday, August 10th, 2018 | 1822 Views

Zebra Technologies Delivers A Performance Edge To The Front Line Growing customer expectations are fueling an on-demand economy and the need for compelling experiences. In response to this trend, Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), is helping companies across many industries digitise their operations and improve their performance to stay relevant and compete in today’s marketplace.

While innovation began at the core of the enterprise, today it is exploding at “the edge,” where employees make real-time decisions and interact directly with the people they serve. With expertise in technology that transforms the way work gets done, Zebra is empowering the front line to be better, faster, and smarter.

“Zebra has a rich legacy of guiding enterprises through digital transformation and arming them with the tools they need to succeed,” said Jeff Schmitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Zebra Technologies. “In today’s on-demand economy, this means ensuring front-line workers have technology that amplifies their skills, maximizes their productivity and reduces errors. Whether it’s improving efficiency on the warehouse floor or delivering a package faster, our solutions enable businesses to ‘capture their edge’ and drive digital innovation for better business outcomes.”

Together with our global ecosystem of partners, Zebra’s products, software, services, analytics, and solutions are used to intelligently connect company assets, data and people in collaborative mobile workflows. Leveraging our purpose-driven design and data-powered environments delivered by a solution ecosystem, businesses can sense what’s happening, analyse or anticipate the implication, and make best-action decisions based on real-time guidance.

“Zebra Technologies has enabled us to move to a cloud-based system that has enhanced productivity and business workflow in our delivery network,” said Achilles Reyes, Chief Operating Officer for QuadX, which has deployed Zebra’s MC36 mobile computers complemented by the Operational Visibility Service (OVS) for its growing force of over 1,400 delivery associates. “Growth has been exponential for us. By empowering our front-line delivery crew with Zebra’s solutions, QuadX has gained a performance edge through real-time updates and increased visibility and transparency in our operations.”

– Rising expectations from customers are fueling an on-demand economy and to respond, all businesses must drive digital innovation.
– As digital technology transforms the edge of the enterprise, Zebra helps companies “capture their edge” by delivering real-time data insight when and where it’s needed.
– When Zebra drives a performance edge for front-line employees, nurses spend more time at the bedside with a patient resulting in better, quality care and a retail associate can check inventory and complete a transaction without ever leaving the shopper’s side.


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