Yili Enters Southeast Asian Market To Bolster Local Industry

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 | 2216 Views

The Shanghai-listed Inner Mongolian Yili Industrial Group has announced its commitment to invest significantly in Southeast Asia this year, collating the world’s best resources to introduce more high-quality dairy products to local consumers.

Dedicated to contributing to the development of the entire industrial chain in the Southeast Asian dairy industry, Yili plans to leverage its industrial and R&D advantages to empower local suppliers and talent to provide employment and support the economic growth of the region.

“Southeast Asia, the region with the fastest economic growth rate in the world, has almost unlimited potential; particularly in the development of the dairy industry”, said Yipeng Zhang, the VP of Yili Group. “In the future, Yili will diversify investment in Southeast Asian countries, bringing health products and concepts, and will also share new opportunities with local partners.”


Transforming Advantages into Quality Products in Southeast Asia

  • Having established a global resource, innovation and marketing system, Yili aims to accelerate the flow of high-quality resources in the industrial chain between Southeast Asia and the global market, optimising the regional allocation of resources.
  • Yili has adopted world-class quality control standards through strategic cooperation with SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance) and Intertek, guaranteeing their high-quality production in the Southeast Asian market.
  • With research resources in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America, Yili will creates an integrated global talent pool, advancing technological innovation to create a “global wisdom chain”, enhancing the scientific research capacity of Southeast Asian nations further.

In recent years, Yili has sped up its expansion into the Southeast Asian market. Yili launched the “Joyday” ice cream brand in Jakarta, Indonesia, marking the milestone in the establishment of a “dairy silk road” defined by a sharing of delicious and nutritious dairy products. Following that, Yili quickly announced the acquisition of Chomthana, Thailand’s largest ice cream and frozen food distributor.

Yili has been adhering to its talent localisation strategy. More than 85 percent of the employees of the Group’s subsidiaries in Thailand and Indonesia are local nationals. At Chomthana, Yili’s subsidiary in Thailand, over 800 jobs have been created, including many for the disabled.

With an emphasis on innovation to create healthy products, the company established the “WISH” system (World Integrally Sharing Health) in 2017 as guidance for its corporate social responsibility practices which cover public welfare, nutrition, safety, education and culture.


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