Yanolja Cloud Launched 'Gusto X', A Global FoodTech Solution Company With BlueBasket In Singapore

Monday, June 13th, 2022 | 578 Views

With a SaaS solution, Gusto X will support differentiated consumer experience and efficient store operation in the Southeast Asian F&B market starting from Singapore. Gusto X plans to lead the global FoodTech solution industry with the technology of Yanolja Cloud and Yanolja F&B Solution, and BlueBasket’s expertise.

The AI-based SaaS (Software-as-a-service) company, Yanolja Cloud (CEO Jongyoon Kim) newly launched a global FoodTech solution joint venture named ‘Gusto X’, with BlueBasket (CEO Yeojin Kim), the food distribution company headquartered in Singapore.

‘Gusto’ means ‘taste’ in Italian, and ‘X’ implies ‘innovational technologies’, meaning the aspiration and vision of the new joint venture to lead the global FoodTech solution industry. Yeojin Kim, the CEO of BlueBasket, will be serving as the CEO of Gusto X. The new joint venture plans to proactively drive its business in Southeast Asia markets starting from Singapore.

The vision of Gusto X is to lead the global FoodTech industry based on the SaaS solution of ‘Yanolja F&B Solution’, the subsidiary of Yanolja Cloud, and the infrastructure and expertise that BlueBasket has developed in the F&B industry. First, Gusto X will reinforce the digital infrastructure for restaurants and the F&B distribution chains that have been operated offline mainly. Also, it will support differentiated consumer experience and efficient store operation through Yanolja F&B Solution’s SaaS solution that covers store operation, reservation, consumer management, etc.

“Gusto X will offer a brand-new F&B experience to global consumers,” said Yeojin Kim, the CEO of BlueBasket. “We will create a new global F&B value chain that SaaS solution technology and experience combined, and plan to lead the Southeast Asian F&B market starting from Singapore.”

“Gusto X represents Yanolja Cloud’s aspiration to expand its SaaS solution to the global FoodTech industry,” said Jongyoon Kim, the CEO of Yanolja Cloud. “With Gusto X and Yanolja F&B Solution, we would like to keep accelerating the strategic partnerships and investments to complete the digital ecosystem of the global F&B industry.”

About BlueBasket
BlueBasket (BlueBasket.com) is a food-specialised e-commerce company established in Singapore by Yeojin Kim, the founder of Gongcha Korea and Bounce. Based on the mission of combining the Korean color ‘blue’ and ‘basket’, the symbol of shopping, Korean food, ingredients, and lifestyle products are introduced locally at reasonable prices.

About Yanolja Cloud
As an AI-based global SaaS (Software-as-a-service) company, Yanolja Cloud leads the digitalisation of various spaces such as accommodations, leisure, F&B, and residences. Based on the advantages of SaaS with installation and operation efficiency, the range of solutions has been expanded, and the solution is currently being provided in more than 60 languages to 43,000 hotel consumers in 170 countries around the world. Through innovative technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchain and partnerships with global leading companies, Yanolja Cloud is building a cloud solution ecosystem that meets the needs of all partners, reservation channels, and consumers.


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