Wolf Packaging Brings Efficiency To Asia

Monday, October 1st, 2018 | 974 Views

The APFI team speaks to Gunter Wolf, CEO of Wolf Packaging, to gain insight into the company’s interest in the Asia region.

Established in the industry for 30 years, Wolf Packaging provides efficient and economical packaging solutions for F&B products. In fact, their Form, Fill, Seal (FFS) machines have been in use for more than 25 years!

As pioneers in the field, Wolf Packaging has been attending ProPak Asia for 26 years—this year, the APFI team caught up with its CEO and Founder, Gunter Wolf, to gain insight into the company’s agenda in Asia.

Mr Wolf: “We have a strong foothold in Asia. For example, in South East Asia alone, we have four offices in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and most importantly, Bangkok. To cater to the demand we create in this region, we set up a factory in Hangzhou, China, so we can fulfil orders promptly and efficiently.

“Although the machine is made in China, the technology itself is German at its core. It is created and controlled by our expertise. It’s important for me to highlight here that we are not a shared company—everything we produce has the stamp of high-quality German production.

What industry in particular is thriving in China?

Mr Wolf: “In particular, China’s snack industry is hiking the demand for high-speed machines. When we first set foot into the Chinese market 10 years ago, we catered only to domestic demand. To attain any level of success in that market, we had to differentiate our offerings as well as open up our orders to Europe and the rest of Asia. That is why we were able to rapidly expand across several continents within a short period of time—there was demand for our machines.”


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