What If… You Could Help Change The World, One Meal At A Time?

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 | 2077 Views

WhatIF Foods has launched a range of products that aim to support sustainable agricultural practices, healthier diets and fairer incomes for farming communities.

The world is facing a paradoxical issue with food – many people are becoming overweight and obese, yet millions are going hungry or are deficient of essential nutrients. Most of the food products available to us are calorie-rich, but poor in nutritional quality. And we’re ruining our planet with unsustainable agricultural practices that are leaving farming communities behind.

As a disruptive food brand, WhatIF Foods looks at the food system and asks themselves, ‘What if we could change things?’ Guided by their mission to achieve nutritional security while supporting farming communities, the company is addressing the food system holistically by providing sustainable, nutritious and tasty foods in a convenient way. They are reimagining convenience food, blending food science with ground-breaking technology to improve everyday products we know and love – like noodles, shakes and soups.

The products feature Future Fit Crops, such as the Bambara groundnut and Moringa, that can grow in poor soil and withstand dry and volatile climates predicted for the future. This is good news for smallholder farmers who can now grow Future Fit Crops on marginalised or degraded land, thereby opening themselves up to new income opportunities. In parallel to being climate-resilient, Future Fit Crops are also rich in micro-nutrients with a balanced macro-nutrient profile. The Bambara Groundnut Noodles, which are made using a state-of-the-art air frying system instead of conventional deep-frying, contain 55 percent less fat, 130 percent more dietary fibre and 110 percent more protein than other market benchmarks.

“To us, food is so much more than just calories. It is about sustainable agriculture, fair incomes and respect for the world we live in”, says Christoph Langwallner, Co-Founder of NamZ Pte Ltd, the company behind WhatIF Foods.

The current food system has to change; it is contributing to diet-related diseases and many agricultural practices are destroying regions of ecological importance and biodiversity. Our dedicated team of agronomists, food scientists, application technologists, and nutritionists have spent years working on solutions that address these issues and we are so proud to introduce WhatIF Foods to you.”


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