What Do Millennials Want?

Monday, August 27th, 2018 | 932 Views

Putting young 13-year-old Alina Morse, founder of Zolli Candy, on the cover of its September 2018 issue of Entrepreneur magazine does not only spotlight the next generation of entrepreneurs but also identifies millennial consumer habits that are creating leaders in business.

Launched in 2015, Zolli Candy produces a line of teeth-friendly candy including Zollipops, Zolli Drops and Zaffi Taffy. These items are sweetened with xylitol and erythritol and are free of gluten, dairy and GMOs. These appeal to the health conscious millennials.

With placements at Amazon, Kroger, Walmart and Whole Foods, Zolli Candy is expected to pull in $6 million this year, testament to the fact that millennial are chewing on sugar free candy.

“I never dreamed I’ve ever be on the cover of a magazine, yet alone be scaling as fast as we are,” Morse a millennial said. “All I’ve ever wanted to do was help people and make them smile. We are changing minds and candy eating patterns and with the help of Entrepreneur, giving more consumers awareness to healthier options and inspiring kids just like me that you can do anything.”

Jason Feifer, Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, emphasised the importance of looking to millennials for innovative ideas, passion and drive.

“The sooner we embrace young millennial entrepreneurs’ imagination and ability to question everything, the better we’ll all be,” he said.

Earlier this year, Morse pledged to give away one million lollipops to schools and dentists through her 1 Million Smiles program. Another demonstration of the fact that millennials like to give to worthy causes.


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