Westfalia Fruit’ In France Launches New Range Of Sustainable Packaging

Monday, April 18th, 2022 | 1087 Views

Westfalia Fruit’s business in France, has launched a new range of environmentally and consumer-friendly packaging for avocados that dramatically reduces and replaces the use of plastic, eliminating altogether the use of black plastic which is difficult to recycle, whilst successfully maintaining fruit quality.

These industry-leading initiatives, were stringently researched and developed in advance of a new law banning plastic packaging on most fruit and vegetables, which came into effect in France from New Year’s Day 2022. Cucumbers, lemons and oranges are among the 30 varieties banned from being wrapped in plastic according to the new law.

These sustainable packaging alternative solutions include options with no plastic, or a significant reduction in plastic, reflecting Westfalia’s industry leadership in environmental sustainability including waste and carbon emission reductions.

Zero plastic options include a cardboard tray with a paper label or a paper band, that are fully compostable. Both are made with Forest Stewardship Council materials, guaranteeing that the cardboard used has been sourced from sustainably managed forests that consider people, wildlife and the environment in the long term. The FSC is the only timber certification scheme endorsed by the conservation organisation WWF.

A heat seal film option includes recyclable plastic which contains a QR code on the packaging directing consumers to details of where they can recycle their plastic rubbish. A paper lid is also in development for this packaging.

Additional solutions include an FSC certified string bag and zero packaging natural laser marking on the skin of the avocado itself permitting logo & messaging placement.

“We have worked hard to remove plastic from our packaging to contribute to solving the plastic waste challenge and to lower our carbon footprint. We are delighted to take a proactive approach in implementing industry leading initiatives, enabling compliance to respective laws whilst offering a host of solutions for our customers and consumers,” said Johnathan Sutton, Group Safety & Environmental Executive at Westfalia Fruit.

The packaging initiatives have been introduced and adopted as solutions by a wide range of retailers in France.

For more information visit www.westfaliafruit.com.


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