Westfalia Fruit Brings Avocado Expertise To India

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 | 1148 Views

As a leading multinational supplier of avocados and a range of fresh vegetables and fruit, Westfalia is expanding its operations into India where it will supply local markets, retailers and wholesale markets with locally produced avocados and avocados from our global network of farms.

To introduce Hass avocados in India and also other internationally accepted varieties that suit the Indian climate, Westfalia has partnered with Sam Agri and incorporated a Joint-Venture company – West In Avo India Limited. Sam Agri is a well-known agri-business Indian company with over 25+ years of experience in integrated operations involving growing, processing and marketing of fresh produce.

The JV partners have also roped in Dvori Or, an Israel based nursery that combines the best of Avocado nursery expertise. “We are global avocado experts in a very specialised industry that requires deep knowledge and experience. We are excited to bring to India our expertise in every part of the value chain from nurseries and growing techniques to producing the best quality product to put on the supermarket shelves,” said Zac Bard, Executive Global Farming, growers and commercial nurseries for Westfalia. “The growing and marketing expertise of Westfalia coupled with the Nursery expertise of Dvori Or will help realize our vision to make Avocado available on every Indian table” added GVK Naidu, Managing Director, Sam Agri.

“This partnership feels natural. With our combined experience, this collaboration will allow Westfalia to focus on both the local avocado industry and strategic imports that make the market in India so special, and we are looking forward to this journey together” added David Levin, Marketing Director, Sam Agri.

“India has areas suitable for avocado production and being in the northern hemisphere, the production will be counter seasonal to African & other South American imports. We are excited to bring the right varieties and planting material to suit the local microclimates” added Amos Or from Dvori Or.

During Indian’s off season months Westfalia will import avocados from their farms in Tanzania to maintain year round availability for the developing market. “We believe that the short transit time with a regular supply of good quality avocados creates the right conditions to see rapid growth in the Indian market and compliment the developing local production in India”, adds Zac Bard.

As an agricultural sustainability leader committed to protecting precious water resources, reducing waste and becoming ‘lifetime carbon neutral’ by 2049, Westfalia Fruit also aims to be a sustainability pioneer in India, bringing the same values and approach from its farms in Africa, Latin America and the rest of the world to the sub-continent.

Alk Brand, group CEO of Westfalia Fruit, concludes: “India has been chosen as a strategic investment opportunity for Westfalia Fruit and after picking the right strategic partners and doing thorough research in the market, we are ready to create a long term sustainable growth story. We anticipate that India will become a very strategic part of the Westfalia growth path.”


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