Vitamin D Can Prevent Cancer

Monday, June 15th, 2020 | 1260 Views

A good vitamin D status is beneficial both in cancer prevention and in the prognosis of several cancers, according to a review published in Seminars in Cancer Biology by Professors from the University of Eastern Finland and University of Madrid. In particular, the effects of Vitamin D are noted to be the most beneficial in preventing colorectal and blood cancers.

Vitamin D is commonly known for its crucial role in bone health, but it also regulates the immune system, and its anti-cancer effects are mediated mainly by immune cells.

The anti-cancer effects of vitamin D are especially pronounced in the prevention and treatment of colon cancer and blood cancers. In addition, high vitamin D responsiveness can be linked to a smaller cancer risk. Vitamin D responsiveness varies between individuals, affecting their need for vitamin D supplementation.

Fortified foods can be crucial for diets which lacks key nutrients such as Vitamin D. Food manufacturers can capatilise on the growing demand for Vitamin D supplements and fortified foods especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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