What's Trending For 2023? Video-On-Demand

Monday, July 25th, 2022 | 4841 Views

What’s Trending For 2023? How will consumer trends influence the decisions of food manufacturers? How can manufacturers stay connected with the consumer? Can we predict & identify trends before they plateau? We’ll be answering these questions & more in this webinar.

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    Our Speakers


    Damien-Pierre LESOT

    Head of Technical Developers | Roquette


    Damien-Pierre Lesot leads sustainable plant proteins initiatives in Roquette. He is currently heading a team of global technical developers helping food manufacturers to transition to plant-based ingredients.

    DP has over 23 years of experience in B2B technical, marketing and sales roles and holds a post-graduate Master’s Degree in Agriculture and Food Science. A native of France, DP is no stranger in Asia, having lived and worked in China, Japan and now Singapore.


    Healthy Gut, Healthy You

    Why the focus on gut health? There is a growing recognition of the holistic benefits of gut health. Based on Innova Market Insights, 2 in 3 consumers believe that gut health is very or extremely important to them. Some of the key areas that will be discussed include how fibre and prebiotics are key for boosting immunity, the definition of prebiotics, the targeted benefits of different types of dietary fibres, and how to improve the overall gut ecosystem.


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    Jie Ying LEE

    Senior Strategic Marketing Manager | Plant-Based, Kerry Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa

    Jie Ying Lee

    Jie Ying is responsible for driving marketing strategy for the plant-based end user market through consumer, customer, category and competitive insights. She has 13 years of experience across multiple functions in Asia Pacific, from R&D to sales and brand development. Her favourite part of the job is collaborating with innovation teams and breathing life into great ideas for customers.


    The Third Wave Of Plant-based Adoption

    Global growth of the plant-based category and major players entering the market saw significant improvements in the taste, texture and variety of meat alternative products. But with more consumers choosing plant-based, expectations are now higher: They want the same, if not better eating experience than meat products. Jie Ying Lee, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Plant-based, Kerry APMEA, unpacks the complexity in plant-based development and what to expect in the third wave of plant-based adoption.


    —————————— What’s Trending For 2023? ——————————


    Esther ONG

    Product Manager | Biospringer APAC region

    Esther Ong

    Esther is responsible for identifying market insights and translating them into bite-sized technical information through value propositions and digital marketing campaigns. Faced with the fast-growing demand for cost-effective formulations, Esther and the technical team are in charge of identifying and developing Biospringer’s yeast-based solutions to address industry concerns.


    Ming Pei YEO

    Senior Food Technologist | Biospringer APAC region

    Ming Pei YEO

    Ming Pei holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition. She has strong expertise in yeast extract formulations and applications that cater to regional taste trends and beyond. Ming Pei plays a key support role for innovation in the Apac region. In response to increasing demand for yeast-based solutions, Ming Pei and the Culinary Team have successfully developed cost-effective solutions to counter the impact of rising commodity prices.


    Inflation Outlook: Cost Optimization with Biospringer Yeast Extracts

    Supply-demand mismatches, pandemic-induced disruptions and rising costs are big concerns in Asia. Inflation is expected to rise across the Asia Pacific region for the rest of 2022 and beyond. In this webinar, Esther and Ming Pei will present key solutions that highlight the cost effectiveness of yeast extraction as compared to cocoa powder, dairy, soy sauce ingredients, and more.