The Future Of Automation 17 May 2022 VOD

Thursday, May 19th, 2022 | 3358 Views

The Future Of Automation was hosted on 17 May 2022. The recorded webinar is now ready!

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    10:00–10:05  Introduction by APFI magazine

    10:05–10:25  Automation & Electrification in The Food Industry
    Agata Fornasari  Global Director Food and Beverage | Danfoss Drives

    Agata Fornasi

    This session highlights the new trends in the food industry and how some new technologies can help to harvest better uptime and productivity with optimized energy savings. As the global population grows and so food is here to stay as a megatrend, and also will one of the major energy consuming industry. We need to start looking at new technologies to drive carbon neutrality in food processing.

    10:25–10:55  The Digitalization of Product Inspection Data
    Robert Rogers  Senior Advisor Food Safety & Regulation | Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection
    Robert Rogers

    The digitalisation of product inspection data is advancing rapidly to meet the demands of traceability initiatives globally. The industry is being pressured by regulators and standards owners to trace products throughout the supply chain and track critical tracking events and key data elements. We will discuss different levels of digital maturity.

    10:55–11:15  Automation For State-Of-The-Art Food Factory And What’s Ahead In Future
    Kazuki Takeoka 
    Life Business HQ Marketing Center Pharma, F&B, Business Strategy Dept | Yokogawa Electric Corporation
    Kazuki Takeoka

    Food and beverage manufacturers need to constantly improve quality and reduce costs, which is a major challenge. Food manufacturers need to maintain production amidst a rapidly changing world that is affected by COVID-19, increasing environmental awareness, and the difficulty in securing labour at manufacturing sites. In this session, we will identify challenges of implementing automation, and how to successfully implement it through continuous improvement, along with actual examples. We will also discuss “BIA,” Life Business vision of a world beyond automation, where production is autonomous.