Food Safety Webinar 2021 Webinar Video On Demand

Friday, October 22nd, 2021 | 2484 Views

Originally aired: Tuesday,19 October 2021 @ 10am SGT

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    As professionals in the food manufacturing sector, we have an obligation to protect consumers from safety breaches that can result in injury or illness. In a competitive environment such as food manufacturing, we can ill afford a product recall that can damage brand reputations and increase costs. Given the fact that the average cost of a recall to a food company is around $10 million and foreign contamination is a leading cause of recalls, manufacturers need to do all they can to find and remove physical contaminants before they pose a hazard.

    With this in mind, how can we prepare a comprehensive strategy that will help combat food safety challenges?

    In this webinar, we will speak to Frost & Sullivan on Technologies Enabling Food Safety, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection on Developing A Strong Product Inspection Culture, Kerry on Delivering Food Safety In Meat & Plant-Based Meat, and Danfoss on Food Hygiene Systems.

    The full agenda is available below.



    10:00 – 10:05   Introduction by APFI magazine


    10:05 – 10:15   Technologies Enabling Food Safety

    Presented by Dr. Nadiah Ghazalli
    Consultant, Frost & Sullivan

    In light of the pandemic, food safety has become top-of-mind concern for consumers, producers, and regulatory agencies. This talk will cover emerging technologies that can enhance safety across the value chain for various types of F&B products.


    10:15 – 10:30   Developing A Strong Product Inspection Culture

    Presented by Rob Rogers
    Senior Advisor of Food Safety & Regulation, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

    Product inspection culture is growing in importance and gaining increased focus from food safety standard owners and regulators. This session looks at how manufacturers and brand owners can develop a good product inspection culture, the operation and business benefits of this and how advanced product inspection technologies, such as metal detection and x-ray inspection, can help.


    10:30 – 10:45   Delivering food safety in meat and plant-based meat

    Presented by Brian Nevin
    Vice President, Product Management, Food Protection & Preservation, Business Development,
    Emma Cahill
    Global Marketing director, Food Protection&Preservation,

    As a global leader in food protection and preservation, Kerry’s focus on increased food safety, quality shelf-life extension, reformulation and clean label helps our customers formulate with their consumers’ needs in mind

    Emma Cahill and Brian Nevin will discuss pathogen reduction to improve food safety, spoilage reduction to improve quality and extend shelf life, and share insights on cost-effective, clean label, or combination preservation solutions.

    With plant-based meats seeing complex spoilage challenges as customers move from frozen to refrigerated products containing consumer-preferred natural ingredients, they talk about how an integrated, data-driven approach can allow customers to successfully extend the shelf life of plant-based meats.


    10:45 – 11:00 The Importance Of Food Hygiene Systems

    Presented by Brad Pound
    Director, APR Food & Beverage Business, Danfoss Drives

    The importance of hygienic food processing continues to remain as a critical element to support the urbanisation across Asia Pacific. Food must be manufactured and distributed to the highest hygiene standards. Almost all processed food will spend some time on conveyors and that conveyor drive equipment must also be designed to support this effort.

    Danfoss developed the first Permanent Magnet conveyor drive system to meet the highest hygiene standards outlined by European and NAM food authorities. Brad will highlight some of those innovative design elements which have led the evolution in food conveyor drive system design.



    Meet our speakers!

    Dr.Nadiah Ghazalli
    Consultant,Frost & Sullivan

    Dr. Nadiah Ghazalli has worked closely with clients in the Chemicals, Materials & Nutrition sectors across Asia Pacific, ranging from household names, start-ups, to government agencies. She is the lead analyst and project manager for the Nutrition portfolio and has experience in crafting market entry strategies, developing agri-industry development roadmaps, and providing insights on F&B industry trends.



    Rob Rogers
    Senior Advisor Food Safety & Regulation,Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

    Robert has 25 years of experience in various commercial and technical roles and has facilitated Mettler-Toledo’s customers’ development of food safety programs around the company’s product inspection technology. In this strategic role, Robert provides customers with regulation and compliance expertise within the food industry as they relate to product inspection solutions. Robert has provided consultative services to customers that have delivered value in their systems suitability and efficiency. His consultation has covered areas such as process capabilities, validation and verification and guidance on maximizing efficiencies through proper system identification and placement, all within the scope of the customer’s limitations and resources.



    Brian Nevin
    Vice President, Product Management, Food Protection & Preservation, Business Development,

    In his 12 years at Kerry, Brian has been in various roles within the food and pharmaceutical space across Europe, Asia and the US. ​With a degree in chemistry and postgraduate qualifications in marketing from the University of Salford, UK, Brian uses his unique blend of techno commercial skills to work closely with customers to develop products that meet consumer needs, from food safety, nutrition, taste and everything in between.



    Emma Cahill
    Global Marketing Director, Food Protection & Preservation, Kerry

    Emma Cahill leads strategic marketing for Kerry’s global food protection & preservation businesses, delivering new consumer insights and partnering across teams to translate them into exciting innovation for the rapidly growing, consumer-friendly food protection area. Emma has been with Kerry for four years working in Ireland and the U.S. Prior to Kerry, Emma held various roles in the sports medical industry based in London, and promoted Irish food and beverage companies in France through Bord Bia – The Irish Food Board. She has a BSc in agricultural science and an MSc in International Marketing Practice, both from University College Dublin, Ireland.



    Brad Pound 
    Director, APR Food & Beverage Business, Danfoss Drives

    Brad has extensive knowledge in the APAC Food & Beverage industry and has supported the F&B customers in the region with the adoption of value adding technologies for over 30 years in Danfoss.

    He works with many factories on different types of projects such as coordinating the installation of specific food grade hygienic systems and energy reduction technologies in Packaging, Utilities and Process areas with a particular focus in advanced F&B manufacturing