Veolia Water Technologies Appoints Chief Executive Officer For Asia Pacific Region

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 | 784 Views

Veolia Water Technologies has announced the appointment of Frederic Thery as its new chief executive officer for Asia Pacific. He now oversees Veolia’s business in the region, and guides the company in its transition to a new internal structure.

Mr Thery enters into his new role with experience working in different entities across the Veolia Group over the last 23 years. He first started in Veolia in 2003 as executive vice president at Veolia Water Technologies North America, leading the design and build division out of the USA for four years, before moving to Europe to oversee the industrial business of Veolia in France until 2012, where he was then appointed managing director of the Northern Europe entities.

His appointment is in conjunction with Veolia’s recent reorganisation of its operational entities into four geographical regions. The move is intended to facilitate greater cooperation between the company’s various business units. With this restructuring, Veolia aims to improve overall productivity, and to better integrate its water and wastewater expertise across the board.

Commenting on the internal restructuring and his new appointment, Mr Thery said: “While Veolia is an established name in the water and wastewater industry, we have to ensure we remain attractive and nimble in order to stay competitive. This is especially true of the fast-paced Asian market. By realigning our business units, we are actively fostering cooperation between divisions to refine our competitive edge. Our water solutions set us apart from other providers, so it is imperative that Veolia transforms itself into a more integrated company to offer these technologies across the five continents that it is active in. I look forward to this new challenge, and this chapter of my career with Veolia.”