Unilever Reduces Food Waste With “Best Before, Often Good After” Labels

Monday, September 23rd, 2019 | 2837 Views

In efforts to reduce food waste, Unilever is changing its food expiry labels on certain products by extending the “best before” text with “often good after”. The revised food labels are a collaboration between the Danish start-up, Too Good To Go and major food manufacturers, including Unilever, Carlsberg and Arla Food.

In an interview with FoodNavigator, Mette Lykke, CEO of Too Good To Go explained that “53 percent of European customers do not know the difference between ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ when it comes to food labelling”.

While “use by” indicates that the product is not safe for consumption past the date, “best before” indicates that the product is still safe to eat, although quality might deteriorate.

An estimated one third of food produced for consumption are wasted each year, with majority from households in developed countries. This initiative aims to make the distinction between these confusing terms and prevent consumers from disposing perfectly edible food products.

“We want to make sure that people eat more food, rather than it being wasted. Therefore, we want to tell our consumers to look at the food product, smell or taste it before throwing it out,” said a spokesperson from Unilever.

“In the beginning of 2020, more products will adopt the text in the Nordics. Other unilever markets are also looking into the possibility of implementing the text, which has to adhere to local legislation.”


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