Traceability Software To Drive Malaysia’s Durian Exports

Thursday, July 28th, 2016 | 761 Views

Malaysia’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has developed a traceability software to track the quality of its premium durians in order to boost exports, reported Fruitnet.

The platform, called MyTrace, will allow consumers to scan QR code labels on the durian, offering information on where the fruit was grown and its packaging date and logistics information. Business Today reported that the label will also work as an authentication tool.

For exporters, this software will allow them to collect data on where consumers scanned the QR code and monitor shipments.

“In the present competitive global environment, the biggest challenge for our producers and their suppliers is to continuously improve their product quality and being able to comply with government regulations industry standards,” Malaysian minister Datuk Seri Panglima Madius Tangau Madius said during the launch of the traceability software. “In order to penetrate, succeed and sustain in a niche segment such as premium food, exporters need appropriate technologies in all stages of the supply chain.”

Premium durians by six Malaysian durian exporters approved by China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision will be labelled with the technology in a trial service. It is expected that this new software will help drive export sales. These fruits will be sent to the Chinese market.

MyTrace was developed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation alongside the National Institutes of Biotechnology Malaysia, the Department of Standards Malaysia, the Department of Agriculture and the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority.