Top 10 Nutrition Trends In 2018

Monday, January 1st, 2018 | 1369 Views

Collagen, detox diets, drinking vinegars are expected to make waves in the new year, according to US-based organic and natural groceries retailer, Natural Grocers.

The grocery retailer has identified ten nutrition and health trends in 2018.


  • Organic is the way to go: Studies have shown organically grown food is higher in nutrients and lower in heavy metals. As more people realise how synthetic pesticides and nutrition impact their health, they are looking for more nutritious, higher quality and healthier food.


  • Pasture-raised is raising the bar: Healthy land management begins with properly managing the animals on that land, and having animals on pasture also results in animal products that are more nutrient dense.


  • Black seed oil: Black seed oil has a surprising amount of research showing their effectiveness in various health conditions, and that it helps insulin function and also keeps the insulin-producing pancreas working at a healthy level. Other studies show that by modulating inflammation, thymoquinone (the active component of black seed oil) helps build strong and healthy bones.


  • Keto diets: Shortened from ketogenic diets, ‘keto’ diets are making their mark on the nutrition world. A type of fuel made from fatty acids, known as ketones, is especially important for neuroprotection and also has been shown to support brain function and cognition. Research shows that medium chain triglycerides are easily converted into ketones by the liver, meaning foods that contain coconut oil, palm oil, cheese and butter could all contribute to ketone production in the body—and why demand for these ingredients is high.


  • Traditional medicine meets modern science: Researchers are exploring the use of essential oils and aromatherapy for relaxation and other aspects of mental health. The resurgence in popularity of herbal medicine and products is likely related to the hard science that exists which backs up the traditional uses of these valuable plants.


  • Drinking vinegars: Similar to kombucha, drinking vinegars are a trendy new alternative to sugar-laden sodas and juices. Most of these are made with apple cider vinegar and other health-promoting ingredients that make them a tasty, tangy and trendy way to balance blood sugar. Vinegar can also help facilitate the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food as well as help people feel full longer.


  • Sneaking in vegetables: Swap out typical noodles for organic veggie noodles, snack on real veggie chips and add frozen cauliflower or greens powders to your smoothies.


  • Botanicals to boost brain function: Botanicals, such as epigallocatechin from green tea for boosting brain function, are gaining more appreciation. More formulas built for clarity and mood are showing up on the market, and some of the best new botanicals for brain health include herbs and mushrooms.


  • Collagen is in: Collagen supplements are rich sources of two amino acids that are important for health, but not typically found in high concentrations in modern diets. One of these amino acids, proline, has been shown to be crucial for joint health and also helps support smooth and supple skin by strengthening the collagen that keeps our skin firm. Glycine, the other major amino acid in collagen supplements, has been shown to modulate inflammation in the digestive tract, participate in detoxification and liver health, and also helps support healthy, restful sleep.


  • Everyday detox diets: Instead of trying unhealthy fasts and juice diets for detoxification, consumers are more interested in what foods they can eat that will help facilitate the body’s natural detox processes. For example, foods that contain plenty of sulphur as well as other detoxification supportive vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C and E, selenium and zinc.