The World's First 8% ABV Low Alcohol Soju Range In Singapore - Hana Soju By Chuga

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Made in Korea, made for good times. Chuga launched the world’s first 8% ABV low alcohol soju range in Singapore, Hana Soju, in 2021. A new addition to their primary range of Chuga Soju distilled at an ABV range of 12% – 15%. Chuga Soju is a household name for many soju drinkers in Singapore, being one of the most popular soju choices on major e-commerce stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and bars and restaurants across the island.

The vision behind Hana Soju is to challenge conventions that sojus are only for parties or big nights out. Hana presents itself as an enjoyable beverage for everyday consumption and an approachable choice for casual drinkers or people new to soju. Currently, Hana Soju comes in four flavours – lychee, watermelon, muscat grape and peach – and are conveniently accessible on RedMart, Shopee, Grab Mart, Qoo10, Amazon Fresh and Haomart stores. The lychee and watermelon flavours are highly popular amongst consumers in Singapore. These winning flavours were pioneered by Chuga Soju, first introduced to Singapore in mid-2020.

There are three key product differentiations unique to Hana Soju’s characteristics:

i) Produced by blending apple and sugarcane distilled spirits – most soju’s are made from tapioca, potatoes, or rice instead

ii) Delicately sweet aromas due to its unique raw materials

iii) A gentle, and smooth finish from activated charcoal and sedimentary rock filtration

KBBQ x Chuga Soju

KBBQ x Chuga Soju

Hana Soju is produced (with Chuga Soju) in Uiseong, Korea, a county located in the central region of South Korea. Uiseong is renowned for growing the best Korean red apples due to its excellent precipitation, climate and natural environment. These apples are then distilled into an apple spirit to innovatively blend with sugarcane spirits and made with traditional soju brewing techniques by our master brewers. The result is a phenomenal sweetness in aroma and flavour that is unique to the Chuga brand.

Aside from striving to elevate consumers’ scent and taste sensory experience, the brand places a strong emphasis on “feel” sensory too – the feel of the drink from sip to throat to the stomach. Chuga as a brand strives to differentiate itself with an unparalleled smooth drinking experience. This is achieved by activated charcoal and sedimentary rock filtration to filter and remove any impurities and enhance the liquid for an extra smooth finish. A common reaction by first-time consumers of our products is “Wow, this is alcohol? It’s so smooth!”

The conventional way to enjoy soju is to either drink it straight as a shot or mixed with beer known as “Somaek”. However, staying true to Chuga’s slogan of being “playfully refreshing”, the brand strives to push boundaries, educate on the versatility of soju and reimagine ways for consumers to enjoy soju that is relevant to local markets and global trends. Recommendations include Chuga’s signature soju highball (soju with soda water and fruits), replacing clear spirits in traditional cocktail recipes and mixing it into bubble tea, ice cream and desserts to create novel and fun recipes.

Manufacturing Process

Soju has a rich history starting with the Korean War-era in the ’50s, where rice-based alcoholic beverages were banned due to rice shortages. Soju survived because it adapted. Due to this ban, distilleries began to use non-traditional ingredients like sweet potato to produce soju. Restrictions were lifted in 1999, some re-incorporated rice, but many continued to use alternative ingredients. Chuga Soju uses apple and sugarcane distilled spirits for a more aromatic flavour profile, with apples sourced in Uiseong, North Gyeongsang province in South Korea, which is the best apple-growing region in Korea due to its excellent precipitation, climate, and natural environment. Activated charcoal treatment and sedimentary rock filtration result in a smooth and clean taste.
Source: Chuga Soju

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