The Potato Is Making A Comeback

Friday, January 3rd, 2020 | 1693 Views

For consumers who are carb-conscious, white carbohydrates like potatoes are off limits. However, this humble potato is making a comeback.

Weight Watches (WW) are now recognising potatoes as a ‘Zeropoints’ food on one of its weight-loss plans, which indicates that members do not have to measure and track its intake. Even Whole30 has announced that potatoes are officially off their lengthy no-no list.

In a WebMD blog, registered dietician Sally Kuzemchak highlighted that “one medium white potato has a third of the vitamin C you need every day, more potassium than a banana, a couple grams of fiber (and not just in the skin), and even some protein and iron–all for just 110 calories.”

Potatoes, especially red and purple potatoes have high nutritional value, thanks to natural plant compounds called anthocyanins.

“Those work as antioxidants in the body, guarding cells from the kind of damage that lead to disease. Some research shows that anthocyanins may reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive decline,” she wrote.

“Potatoes in general have another special power: When they’re cooked and cooled (like in potato salad), they become rich in resistant starch, a kind of carbohydrate that can help you feel fuller and boost the amount of beneficial bacteria in the gut.”

However, Kuzemchak noted that potatoes, once deep-fried in the form of French fries or chips, loses its nutritional value. Though consumption of roasted, baked and boiled potatoes are acceptable.


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