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Monday, September 13th, 2021 | 603 Views

Shea, an ingredient that is commonly found in cosmetic products, is a global favourite. Due to its exceptional composition that makes it nutritional, durable and versatile, many businesses vie to acquire Shea and incorporate them into their product, especially chocolate confectionery industries. Shea elevates both taste and quality of chocolates and most importantly, it is an affordable and sustainable ingredient compared to cocoa butter.

Over the years, with the advent of media, many of the unethical and inhumane practices that occur in the cocoa industry have been brought to light, causing it to be a major concern worldwide. AAK, being one of the leading suppliers for shea, began The Kolo Nafaso programme in 2009 with their corporate purpose of Making Better Happen™. It is a female-led group that supplies sustainable Shea through direct trade in West Africa in particular, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Through its efforts to alleviate poverty and empower women in West Africa, the program has impacted 320,000 women, representing 8 percent of the global shea industry’s workforce.

AAK’s commitment to sustainable sourcing is evident in the full transparency of their sourcing journey and full autonomy given to the women regarding whom they want to sell their crop to.

Kolo Nafaso offers a long-term purchase guarantee that ensures these women are important economic players in their communities. With such a comprehensive business model, full disclosure of the supply chain and valuable global partnerships, AAK’s efforts towards a sustainable shea sourcing programme has made significant progress. Furthermore, Kolo Nafaso has attained a major landmark in 2020 and 2021 with full verification by Proforest, an external, non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable production and sourcing of agricultural commodities.

According to Fairtrade, in the past year, over half of the consumers surveyed stated that they are making conscious purchases from suppliers that are eco-friendly, socially responsible and transparent. To meet this rising consumer demand, AAK has stepped-up their efforts in their commitment towards sustainable shea sourcing with the extension of The Kolo Nafaso programme.

Luis Parra, Global Business Director of AAK Chocolate & Confectionery Fats, proudly mentions, “To the best of our knowledge, no other commercial program empowers women on the scale of Kolo Nafaso. Our vision is to continuously improve our collaboration and expand its impact in West Africa. We also hope that our model for sustainable sourcing can be inspirational to many other companies.”

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