Tetra Pak To Exit Russia

Tetra Pak To Exit Russia Tetra Pak, the Swedish-Swiss multinational food processing and packaging company, announced on 26 July 2022 that it will be exiting its remaining operations in Russia.   "This is due to the cumulative impact of the restrictions on exports to Russia leading to an unsustainable supply…

McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coca-Cola Suspends Operations In Russia

LONDON (REUTERS) - McDonald’s Corp and Starbucks Corp are temporarily closing hundreds of restaurants in Russia, with Coca-Cola and Pepsi among the latest Western companies to pause operations in the country after it moved troops into Ukraine. PepsiCo, the soft-drink and snack maker, will suspend all advertising in Russia and stop the…

Russia’s Invasion On Ukraine Puts Global Supply At Risk

Russia's invasion of Ukraine threatens global food supplies, Norwegian fertiliser maker Yara International said on Tuesday, adding that the international community needed to reduce its dependence on Russian raw materials for agriculture. (more…)
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