Gat Foods and Resorcix: Natural Solution For TAB Spoilage In Beverages

Tuesday, July 19th, 2022 | 344 Views

Gat Foods and Resorcix launch Flavorwatch, a natural, botanical solution for preventing TAB Spoilage in clear, fruit-based beverages.

Beverage bottlers have, for decades, been baffled by Thermophillic Acidophilic Bacteria (TAB). TAB negatively impacts the quality and organoleptic properties of most still, non-alcoholic beverages.  The innovation of Flavorwatch will create a brighter and clearer future for soft drinks.


Gat Foods, a leading provider of fruit-based beverage solutions, partners Israeli startup Resorcix, Ltd to introduce Flavorwatch, a breakthrough natural, botanical ingredient that can prevent TAB spoilage in clear, fruit-based beverages. Flavorwatch fully retains the original flavour of beverages throughout their shelf life, delivering a durable sensory experience in clear, high-acid still beverages.


The Story Of How TAB Spoilage Was Discovered

TAB refers to a group of nonpathogenic microbes belonging to the Alicyclobacillus family. It is common in still RTD non-alcoholic drinks. TAB spoilage was first documented in 1982 in Germany, when bacteria contamination in a commercial pasteurised apple juice brand prompted a major recall. Following a comprehensive lab inquiry, a new family of bacteria was discovered, one that is able to withstand pasteurisation and that can multiply rapidly in acidic environments: The TAB strain.


TAB originates from certain ingredients frequently used in beverage preparation, such as sugar, pectin, water, and fruit concentrate. GMP measures can reduce TAB but cannot eliminate it entirely. This necessitates periodic batch testing and isolation which is costly and time-consuming, and not 100% foolproof as of now.


Pasteurisation, one of the common methods used for microbial treatment, does not eliminate heat-resistant TAB spores. In fact, since pasteurisation kills most vegetative bacteria and fungi, it actually eliminates microbial competition and stimulates the outgrowth of TAB.


Keeping TAB Spoilage At Bay

Indications of TAB spoilage in beverages include a hazy appearance and, upon opening the bottle, discharge of a smoky, clove-like smell. It also imparts a medicinal off taste. The bacteria multiply shortly following the bottling process, especially in warm weather. Although nonpathogenic, the unpleasant results of TAB contamination typically lead to a large volume of customer complaints and can ultimately trigger a costly recall and damage reputation.


Flavorwatch contains natural compounds with a proven bacteriolytic effect, disintegrating TAB cells in the germination phase. This prevents the bacteria from producing off-flavoured and unpleasant smelling metabolites. “The precious rainforest is known to reveal surprising botanical treasures,” shares Yehoshua Maor, PhD, pharmacologist, toxicologist, founder and CSO of Resorcix. “Our Flavorwatch solution is based on a botanical oleoresin that naturally possesses anti-TAB spoilage properties.”


Maintaining Brand Reputation

“Building a CPG brand leaves zero room for failures in quality control,” says Shachar Shaine, CEO of Gat Foods. “Consumers deserve full transparency and maximum quality throughout the entire shelf life of a beverage. But while TAB-related recalls can damage a company’s image and destroy consumer trust in the brand, we can help bottlers keep their positive brand image.”


“Bacteriologists know that spores are almost impossible to eradicate”, says Lior Sinai, PhD and CTO of Resorcix. “That’s why we were extremely excited to discover natural molecules of plant origin that can eliminate these multi-resistant bacterial spores.”


Flavorwatch is classified as a natural flavouring by the FDA, EFSA, JETRO (Japan), and Israeli Ministry of Health regulations, and appears as such on label. Its mild herbal flavour is so slight it cannot be detected in the beverage, as only a very small amount is necessary to maintain the product’s clear appearance and sensory attributes. It works throughout the shelf life as a clean-label ingredient.


In both pilot and industrial-scale tests supervised by microbiologist Roni Shapira, PhD, of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, a Flavorwatch-treated, pineapple-based, RTD beverage showed zero colonies of Alicyclobacillus over a span of six months. No TAB spoilage was detected in the same beverage for a further eight months in an independent analysis.


Flavorwatch is suitable for a variety of still, clear, RTD beverages, such as fruit beverages, fruity water and iced tea. It is easy to implement and highly cost effective, readily able to be incorporated into beverage bases or syrups in the preparation phase or added directly to the beverage tank before pasteurisation. It can reduce the need for added flavourings, as it allows for pasteurisation at lower temperatures, making it an energy-efficient solution. This, in turn, substantially reduces the number of lab tests required, shortening time-to-market, and minimising the risk of recalls.


“Flavorwatch is an innovative clean label, natural flavouring that protects the beverage’s distinct qualities, providing a full guarantee and peace of mind for manufacturers. “It provides consumers consistent quality, with no compromise on flavour,” notes Hila Bentman, International Marketing Manager for Gat Foods. “It allows beverage companies to ensure consumers the distinctive and continuous sensory experience during the entire shelf life of their soft drinks.”



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