Sundogs: Vegetable Hotdogs With Sunflower Protein For The First Time

Monday, July 23rd, 2018 | 1315 Views

“Plant-based food” is currently the most popular term, according to the Food Report 2019—covering diverse trends, from flexitarian and vegetarian lifestyles, to vegan alternatives and animal-based products. It addresses Health megatrend and growing expectations of consumers—especially younger ones, in terms of climate, resource and animal protection.

The new “Sundogs” all-in compound from Hydrosol fits this scenario. Sundogs are used to make vegetarian sausages—based on plant proteins from sunflower and peas, making it the first allergen-free alternative to soy and wheat. Without allergens like soy, gluten, egg and dairy components, declaration benefits are another marketing advantage.

“Sunflower proteins are completely new in vegan meat alternatives manufacturing, derived from high-protein sunflower flour. Produced using a special process during oil pressing, we use it in our new all-in compound, Sundogs.” explains Product Manager Florian Bark.

This stabilising and texturing system is applied to vegetarian hotdogs, vegan alternatives to other types of bockwurst and bratwurst.

End-products have authentic texture and bite comprising a special flavour profile, with a pleasant, slightly nutty sunflower note. It enhances typical sausage seasonings and smoke flavour without after-taste—unlike soy and legumes—giving each sausage variety its own individual flavours. New flavours are easily implemented as desired.

Sundogs are phosphate- and nitrite-free, containing no flavour enhancers and no cholesterol. Plus, sunflowers from domestic or regional sources have low climate and ct, and are non-GMO.

Besides sunflower and pea protein, the all-in compound contains hydrocolloids and starch, made using conventional cutting and filling equipment.