A Strategic Alliance To Accelerate Product Safety Testing Technologies In China, Hong Kong And Southeast Asia

Friday, February 2nd, 2018 | 1446 Views

Multinational professional service network, PwC China and Hong Kong, are delighted to announce that Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited has become their strategic partner.

Leveraging the multinational company’s extensive global network as well as the biotech company’s expertise, the strategic alliance will help both companies enter new geographic markets, as well as the food supply and integrity segments in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

A signing ceremony was held today (2 Feb 2018) in Hong Kong by Elton Yeung, Strategy and Innovation Leader, PwC Greater China; and Jimmy Tao, Chief Executive Officer, Vitargent.

“Enhancing trust in food safety is a growing concern in a climate where public confidence in food producers, processors and sellers have been heavily disrupted in recent years. Despite the overall improvement of food safety and standards in many countries including China, the quality of many large-scale food companies remains unstable,” says Samie Wan, PwC Food Supply and Integrity Services Leader. “To address growing needs in this area, our Food Supply and Integrity Services was established in 2015. We believe that this strategic alliance, leveraging their innovative testing technology, can provide our clients with a holistic one-stop solution.”

“The strategic alliance between the two companies is an important milestone as we share the same vision. It is our goal to develop a comprehensive quality control system for product safety worldwide, especially for the vast consumer market in Mainland China. We hope to benefit every industry by helping them improve their quality of products with the application of the world’s leading bio-testing technology and Test-it(TM) consumer product safety information platform,” says Jimmy Tao.

“Together we have formed a professional team with over 30 experts. We will be publishing Test-it(TM) reports and safe-to-buy product lists so the public can access product safety information and make good use of world’s first Testing 2.0 biotechnology data in everyday lives, which will gradually develop into the most dependable report of its kind. It also serves the purpose of building consumers’ trust in brands and manufacturers. It is a sustainable development for the society.”

“Our strategic partnership is testimony to building trust in society and solving important problems,” says Elton Yeung. “As our food supply becomes increasingly globalised, and the cycle of food production to consumption continues to change and evolve, the need to strengthen food safety systems in the supply chain and amongst countries is imperative.”

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