SternVitamin Presents New Reference Work: Micronutrients work

Monday, July 16th, 2018 | 667 Views

In the food and beverage market, products that provide healthy enjoyment are the strongest growth drivers. Companies with differentiated products for specific target groups and life phases can profit many times over from the ongoing health boom.

A new book from SternVitamin provides many ideas for impactful micronutrient concepts. “Micronutrients work. Little extras. Big benefits.” is a practical manual intended for product developers, marketers and other creatives in the food industry who are involved in new ideas for functional foods, nutritional supplements and the like.

Divided into sections corresponding to consumer life phases, the book gives an in-depth, scientific look at how various vitamins, minerals and plant extracts work. In easily comprehensible language, it explains the micronutrients and combinations, and their suitability for various life phases and health conditions.

The application areas are divided into five sections based on the needs experienced by consumers today—Childbearing, Physical Health, Well-Being, Performance, Lifestyle. For example, the “Well-Being” section includes the chapter “Healthy Mind” which provides specifics on how certain B vitamins, iron, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, lecithin and plant extracts boost brain performance. The “Lifestyle” section discusses targeted micronutrient supplements for vegans. Special colour codes and icons guide the reader throughout this well-structured reference work.

Another plus point is the integral foldout card. At a glance, it shows the appropriate micronutrient combinations per application area. SternVitamin also suggests possible health claims in line with the latest European Union directive, which can be used for marketing enriched foods and beverages. This 116-page practical manual “Micronutrients work. Little extras. Big benefits.” is available from Robert Wenzel Verlag and costs 15 euros.