StePac Leads Responsible Supply Chain With Innovative Packaging

Friday, September 14th, 2018 | 850 Views

StePac Leads Responsible Supply Chain With Innovative Packaging StePac L.A. Ltd. is working closely with its partners to implement a comprehensive supply chain solution for the delivery of fresh cherries from farm-to-fork. The company has joined forces with Tadbik Ltd., Israel, to produce the next generation of modified atmosphere resealable lidding film. The new technology is engineered to extend the shelf life of fresh cherries in aesthetic and functional retail packaging as well as reduce waste.

In this collaboration Tadbik created a “FreshLid” laminated film structure that is sealed to trays containing fresh produce and whose upper layer can be repeatedly peeled back for reuse. The companies then worked together to develop suitable condensation control properties and control film permeability to deliver optimal modified atmosphere compositions (MAP) for high value fresh produce items such as cherries. This innovative packaging will be marketed under the Xgo line, Stepac’s leading retail brand.

Efforts to overcome common challenges in lengthy supply chains and to move toward more responsible and cost-effective delivery processes, is generating increased demand for advanced functional packaging solutions. Meeting these challenges is especially critical when it comes to preserving and extending fresh produce shelf-life and reducing waste.


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