State-Of-The-Art Line Integration Translates To Increased Line Efficiency For Rothaus Brewery

Thursday, July 26th, 2018 | 1457 Views

Renowned German brewery, Rothaus, inaugurated state-of-the-art sorting and filling lines at their site in the High Black Forest in the beginning 2018. Maximum uptime and increased reliability of these lines were made possible, thanks to the line engineering and conveying expertise of their longstanding business partner Gebo Cermex.

Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus AG (Baden State Brewery Rothaus) is recognised as an example of success—for premium quality of its beer, the foundation of which are modern brewing facilities.

The Gebo Cermex team supplied the integration services for setting up a new sorting and a new bottling line. Working closely with Rothaus, it fully integrated 30 different machines from different suppliers, creating a new line that can sort 3,200 crates per hour and bottle up to 76,800 bph.

“For both the sorting and bottling lines, we answered the customer’s request to limit the number of operators to three per line with an ‘arena’ layout, giving quick and easy access to all machines,” says Louis Merienne, Sales Director Europe, Beverage Markets at Gebo Cermex.

Roger Jäger, Director of the filling department at Rothaus, notes: “With the new filling line, we already see utilisation rates of more than 80%. Remarkable, considering that it has not yet been running for a full year.”

The Gebo Cermex solution delivers reliability and efficiency—crates can contain, on average, 40% and in peak times up to 80% of bottles from other producers without issues. The sorting line can run at 85% efficiency in twelve different modes. All of that contributes to a performance increase of the bottling lines—the most recently installed working at 90% efficiency.

Louis Merienne explains this successful partnership—established since 1991: “This relationship of trust has been built through time and on the basis of concrete performances and facts. We helped Rothaus in setting up the business case and calculating their Return-on-Investment of sorting goods themselves. Our patented sorting system is controlled at line level. The central automation program regulates the speed of machines, for whole line continuous and seamless running, enabling maximum uptime.”