A Spotlight On Sustainability: Evian To Use Only 100 Percent Recycled Materials

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 | 1043 Views

By using only 100 percent recycled plastic by 2025, the natural spring water brand seeks to create a ‘circular approach’ to plastic packaging.

Natural spring water brand, evian, has announced that it is set to make its packaging 100 percent circular, a target that will be achieved by redesigning its packaging and speeding up its recycling periods. Its current packaging only uses 25 percent recycled plastic; the other 75 percent is virgin plastic.

This recycling effort is the brand’s first step towards becoming Danone’s first global carbon neutral brand by 2020. A spokesperson comments: “To achieve our aim of 100 percent recycled plastic in our bottles, we anticipate the need for systemic change within the plastics ecosystem, and we need collaboration across industries and beyond to realise this.”

To achieve these results by 2025, the brand has partnered with Loop Industries, a tech company that utilises plastic solutions to break down plastic to its building blocks to create virgin-quality PET plastic that can be used for food-grade packaging. This will enable plastic to evolve from potential waste to become a valuable resource.

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