South Korea’s Confectionery Giant Orion To Establish Joint Venture With Indonesian Counterpart Delfi

Thursday, May 19th, 2016 | 815 Views

South Korea’s snack giant Orion Confectionery, known for its Choco Pies, announced on 12 May 2016 that it was joining up with Indonesian counterpart Delfi to tap into the Indonesian snack market.

Founded in 1984, Delfi is one of Indonesia’s largest confectionary companies with 400 food labels and 300,000 retail outlets throughout the country.

With this agreement, Orion will be able to push into the 5 trillion won (US$4.28 billion) confectionery market in Indonesia. Under the terms of the contract, Delfi and Orion will each have a 50 percent stake in the venture tentatively called Delfi-Orion. They will begin selling snack items supplied by Orion in the Indonesia market by July. The two companies plan to make a soft launch by selling Orion’s flagship Choco Pies and Custard.