Sober-Curious Consumers Are Changing The Alcohol Market

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 | 1283 Views

More people are cutting back on alcohol. With the rise of the “sober-curious” trend, the alcohol industry is also changing to cater to this group of consumers who are revaluating their alcohol consumption habits for their own wellbeing.

According to the Morning Consult Poll and analysis among 1,062 men and 1,139 women (2,201 total) aged 21 and older, 40 percent of US adults aged 21 and older said they’re drinking less than they were five years ago, and 43 percent of the public doesn’t drink. Compared to one year ago, 31 percent of drinkers said they’re drinking less while 56 percent said they’re drinking about as much. While the top reasons to drinking less were wanting a healthier lifestyle, saving money and losing weight.

The sales of alcoholic beverages are declining, while low- and no-alcohol products will grow 32.1 percent between 2018 and 2022, according to the International Wines and Spirits Record (IWSR). Big alcohol brands like Heineken are adapting their portfolio to meet consumer demands led by health-conscious millennials and using this opportunity to invest in non- or low-alcohol drinks. Some companies are even adding functional ingredients like blue algae and turmeric in its alcoholic products or using gut-friendly ingredients like probiotic-rich kombucha.


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