Singapore Army Serves Plant-based Burgers

Monday, April 25th, 2022 | 776 Views

Spotlight: Invest in our planet.

That is the theme for Earth Day 2022, which fell on 22 April this year.

By Audrey Yow, Editor, APFI

The Singapore Armed Forces played their part by creating plant-based food and by recycling food waste. In a Facebook post, The Singapore Army shared pictures of their sustainability efforts to commemorate Earth Day. The highlight of the post was its plant-based burgers.

Plant-based Burgers For The Win

Cross Section Of Burger
Healthy and yummy, the Ultimate Brunch offers a plant-based choice in the form of a burger. Its patty is made up of a 100% plant-based protein, mostly from soy and pea protein. It is also packed with fibre. This treat is developed with HQ Supply (MINDEF), SATS (provider of food solutions) and Growthwell (a plant-based food innovation company).
The burger is served with omelette, vegetables, potatoes and minced meat, a scrumptious platter that’s sure to satisfy hungry soldiers.

Waste Not, Want Not

Recycle Food Waste
Soldiers are also encouraged to not take more than what they could consume. Leftovers and food waste from food preparation are then collected and sent to a recycling plant.

They also had to separate their food and non food waste before dumping food scraps into the ‘Food Waste Only’ bins. In their post, it included an important nugget of information: “Cross contamination of even 5% of non food waste would render the entire batch of food waste unrecyclable.”


The Spirit Of Sustainability

It looks like The Singapore Army is keeping abreast of food megatrends from sustainability to riding on the plant-based wave. This is a commendable effort to align Singapore with the rest of the world to manage Earth’s finite resources. It also syncs with Singapore’s “30 by 30” initiative, which aims to produce 30% of its food resources by 2030.

Exciting times lie ahead as the world presses on with our quest to invest in our planet. In the spirit of sustainability, meaningful collaborations between different organisations will take place. This will inevitably lead to more R&D breakthroughs and give consumers even better options in the food and drink industry.