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Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 | 589 Views

All start-ups, listen up!

A valuable opportunity awaits with two exciting challenges organised by Asia-Pacific (APAC) Agri-Food Innovation to enrich and enhance the taste palette of consumers today, and improve the economical and ecological aspects of the food production process.

The CPF Innovation Challenge will be based on Charoen Pokphand Foods’ (CPF) vision to be the “Kitchen of the World”. CPF is a global leading company for meat-alternatives, and its aim is to venture into new technological possibilities within the “plant-based” spectrum. Therefore, CPF is seeking start-ups with the tools to recreate meat on a new scale that would be flavourful, fragrant, and tenderised—inclusive of its health benefits.

As the Head of Innovation & New Product Development at CPF Group, Lalana Thiranusornkij adds, “We see the consumer shift to Flexitarian, and we want to provide meat alternatives such as plant-based and cell-based into their diets when they want it! We also look at other protein sources with improved functionality and nutritional benefits in order to match the experience of eating actual meat. We must use technology both in-house and work with the open innovation ecosystem to recreate the taste, texture and nutritional profile of meat.”

The Cargill Innovation Challenge, on the other hand, seeks start-ups to discover technological solutions that would steer the global food production or processing chain towards sustainability. There are multiple segments that one could venture into such as on-farm digitalisation, online marketplaces, supply-chain or manufacturing processes that contribute to a circular economy.

Colin D’Silva, Vice President Government Relations at Cargill comments on the challenge, “This is an exciting opportunity for us to bring together people, ideas and technologies for a more sustainable agri-food value chain. Digital solutions offer vital tools to support sustainable practices, efficiencies and transparency throughout the value chain, supporting the producers, reducing food waste, achieving cost benefits and creating USPs for the conscious consumer.”

Have what it takes to revolutionise the food industry? Click on the link below!

More information on the entry, selection process and winner entitlements are available on the application website at

Application ends on Wednesday, September 22 2021,2359 (US Pacific Time).


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