SIG Production With 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Thursday, September 6th, 2018 | 1416 Views

SIG Production With 100 Percent Renewable Energy is the first in the industry to produce all its packs using 100% renewable energy– electricity and gas–at production sites worldwide. By effectively eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from production, this represents a major milestone on SIG’s journey to go Way Beyond Good by contributing more to society and the environment than it takes out.

SIG has met its 2020 goal to source 100 percent renewable energy and Gold Standard CO2 offset for all non-renewable energy at production plants two years early. The company made the switch to 100 percent renewable electricity in 2017 and is now sourcing renewable alternatives for the remaining energy used in production that comes from natural gas.

SIG is purchasing biogas certificates that are certified to the recognised GoldPower standard to offset 100% of the natural gas used at its production sites as of 1 January 2018.

Arnold Schuhwerk, SIG’s Global Category Manager for energy procurement, said: “We achieved a big milestone last year by securing 100% renewable electricity for production. Sourcing renewable alternatives for gas was even more challenging because the market for renewable biogas is not yet well established.”

With no viable option to source renewable biogas directly, SIG is sourcing it indirectly instead by supporting projects to construct and operate waste-to-energy systems in China, Thailand and Turkey that capture gas generated at landfill sites and use it to produce renewable energy.


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