Scoring Goals With Palatinose

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 | 1262 Views

Due to physical demands, footballers—from amateurs to professionals, want to maintain their energy throughout the game. BENEO’s Palatinose helps achieve this through slow release of carbohydrate, delivering glucose in a balanced and prolonged way.

While the professionals competed at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the World Cup fever trickled down to fans in Asia. Football is an intense sport. Whether playing competitively or recreationally, it involves explosive sprints, running long-distances, jumping and mental focus.

Palatinose is derived from sugar beet—unique for its molecular structure consisting of a glucose and fructose molecule—similar to sucrose. In contrast to sucrose, molecule linkage is stronger, so the human body can still digest it fully, yet slowly. Therefore, full carbohydrate energy (glucose) is provided in a steady and sustained way.

Blood glucose levels stay balanced without fluctuation, burning fat more effectively. Increased fat burning rate means that active consumers can use their carbohydrate reserves longer. Palatinose’s balanced properties appeal to professional and amateur footballers despite varying needs, fitness requirements and physical intensities.

Due to its ability to keep blood sugar levels and insulin low, Palatinose improves fat metabolism. As insulin is a storage hormone, fat storage is minimised with fat fuel optimised. In the long term, users will benefit from less fat accumulation, preventing health issues like non-alcoholic fatty liver.

Good taste and texture are essential to attract consumers. BENEO’s Palatinose has a natural, mild sugar-like taste, and is ideal for use in gels, bars and drinks.

In recent recipe formulation trials at BENEO-Technology Centre, Palatinose was used to create a reduced glycaemic response sports drink powder. The end-result delivered exceptional taste, dissolvability in cold water and has excellent flowability and dispersibility.

With alternative carbohydrates such as Palatinose, manufacturers can now offer products catering to both competitive and amateur athletes.