Roquette Ventures Invests In Advanced Protein Technologies

Thursday, November 14th, 2019 | 1878 Views

Roquette Ventures, an investment company supporting pioneer innovations for Food, Nutrition and Health markets, and Advanced Protein Technologies (AP Technologies), a bio venture company developing Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), cognitive and immune-activating ingredients that only exist in human milk, announced that they have signed an agreement to work together on the development of new promising human breast milk components.

Unlike other oligosaccharides that are available in the market, HMOs are only found in human breast milk. Constituting up to eight percent of the human milk with over 200 different types of structures, HMOs have a promising annual market potential forecasted at 2bn USD with projections showing that they will not only be a major part of infant and child nutrition but also be introduced into industries such as general food, pet food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. At present, leading international food companies have already included a HMO in their infant formula and baby food thanks to the various proven direct health benefits. These include brain and immune system development of newborn babies, prebiotics effect that nurtures beneficial intestinal probiotics, and the excretion effect of harmful bacteria.

Chul Soo, Shin, CEO of AP Technologies emphasised that “This investment from Roquette Ventures confirms the strong interest of our differentiated technology to offer promising new ingredients of human breast milk. Korea is therefore securing a cutting-edge technology for human milk oligosaccharides that will be mainly applied to food and pharmaceuticals. AP Technologies will be able to contribute to the health of the people in Korea through supplying a highly-functional food ingredient while reducing the reliance on imports of these important ingredients. By collaborating with Roquette Ventures, we will expand to export our product internationally and step up to earn a place as a global natural-based food leader in the long run.”

“This investment represents an important collaboration for us. As long term strategic partner, we are driven by a strong desire to support pioneering innovations and to contribute to accelerating their development. AP Technologies has a great growth potential and we are very pleased to be part of this journey to better answer Food, Heatlh and Nutrition markets expectations worldwide. AP Technologies’ HMOs will definitily bring unique advantages and benefits to consumers,” added Edouard Nuttin, General Manager of Roquette Ventures.


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