Roquette Opens Innovation Centre In Singapore

Monday, October 30th, 2017 | 1560 Views

A producer of plant-based ingredients, Roquette Opens Innovation Centre In Singapore—its Asia Pacific headquarters—to increase its focus on nutrition and health challenges in Asia.

The facilities include a research laboratory, customer technical services as well as its new regional headquarters that will allow the company to develop products that address the specific health and dietary challenges of the region such as obesity or diabetes.

The company has also partnered with universities and research institutions—such as Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research and the National University of Singapore—in projects that support customer innovations in food, nutrition and pharmaceuticals.

Jean-Marc Gilson, chief executive officer, Roquette, said: “By expanding our international research capability, we can ensure our products contribute to improving health and well-being of millions of consumers around the world. Our facilities in Singapore will allow us to explore new ways to address specific health and nutrition needs of Asian customers and consumers through plant-based ingredients such as sugar alternatives, vegetal proteins or pharmaceutical excipients, among many others.”

The innovation centre is more than more than 1,100 sq m in size and located in an international research and development hub for fast-growing sectors such as food and nutrition, biomedical sciences, bioengineering, and medical technology.

“Singapore’s connectivity with countries throughout Asia makes it the perfect place to locate these new facilities, which will be a key part of our global network,” said Mr Gilson. “We are looking forward to foster closer collaboration with our customers and partners as well as further develop our business activities in the region and continue to invest in Asia over the next few years.”


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