Roquette Launches 2017 Activity And Sustainable Development Report

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 | 1573 Views

Roquette Group—a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of new vegetal proteins for Food, Nutrition and Health markets, launches its 2017 Activity and Sustainable Development Report titled “Roquette: Let’s Travel to the Heart of Our Commitments”.

This report illustrates the company’s commitments to meet customers’ and consumers’ expectations, while combining business and societal goals based on four pillars: Sourcing, Innovating, Acting and Biorefining sustainably.

Through the company’s commitment to society, it uses plant-based resources—along with collaboration with customers and partners, to conceptualise and offer ingredients to better feed and cure people. The ingredients produced respond to unique and essential needs of the markets, thereby enabling healthier lifestyles.

Featured in the report is a coverage of the launch of the Roquette Foundation for Health in November 2017. Stemming from a commitment to sustainable human and financial development, the foundation is aligned with the goal to “Develop activities with the local communities”. Under the aegis of the Foundation de France, the new initiative has the mission of supporting innovative or educational programmes in the food and nutrition sector.

In this compilation, Roquette also voices its commitments that are in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Engaging consumers and community, the company seeks to meet their needs and expectations, while being mindful about sustainability and diversity. On the business front, it also serves to improve product quality and relationships in the supply chain sustainably and responsibly.

These major goals are achieved by means of innovation in a rapidly-evolving world, with new global research centres and partnerships with academic or institutional teams. The move is aimed at cultivating knowledge ecosystems to ensure the quality of innovations and to accelerate the development of new solutions.

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