Roquette Improves Plant-Based Cuisine With New Ingredient

Thursday, February 27th, 2020 | 3002 Views

Roquette has announced the addition of a new ingredient to its range of NUTRALYS plant proteins. Recognised for creating the highest quality ingredients, Roquette wants to support its customers in the development of a new plant-based gastronomy that consumers are seeking to explore, and that meets the booming global demand for food that is better for people and for the planet.

NUTRALYS L85M is a new specialty ingredient that further expands the existing range of NUTRALYS pea protein from Roquette, the largest available in the market. Beyond new tastes and new textures that allow for delicious culinary experiences, Roquette will now offer its customers the ability to create plant-based meats with less salt in order to meet consumers’ demands and expectations when managing their daily sodium intake. NUTRALYS L85M is immediately available in Europe and will soon come to the Americas later this year.

The NUTRALYS range of plant protein ingredients brings different possibilities in terms of taste, nutrition and health. Thanks to its well-known expertise in food applications, Roquette is able to customise NUTRALYS to the different functional and nutritional requirements of different food segments.

“Roquette has always been committed to developing ingredients that can be used in creating food products that are safe, healthy and delicious. Thanks to NUTRALYS L85M, consumers will continue to enjoy meat-alternative meals with great texture and taste while taking care of their sodium intake! The NUTRALYS range of protein ingredients makes it possible for our customers to develop new plant-based foods that are contributing to the emergence of a whole new gastronomy – a gastronomy that consumers are keen to explore”, explains Benjamin Voiry, Head of Marketing Food – Europe & Global marketing manager Savory.


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