Roquette Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary In China

Thursday, May 20th, 2021 | 368 Views

Roquette celebrates the 20th anniversary of its plant in Lianyungang, China. This celebration marks two successful decades of investment, growth and commitment to offer the best of nature to Chinese customers and consumers.

Responding to Chinese health challenges through innovation and expertise

The Asian market, and China in particular, present a huge opportunity for plant-based innovation. Indeed, the Chinese government has initiated massive health initiatives as part of a nationwide focus, driven for instance by the ambitious Healthy China 2030 plan.

Roquette is investing significantly in nutritional solutions to respond to health demands from Chinese consumers which are unique, diversified and intertwined with local food and dining habits and culture. Roquette offers a wide array of customized solutions for a new culinary experience in terms of taste and texture but also health benefits. Over the past 20 years, the Roquette teams have developed an innovative approach through five solutions platforms dedicated to the Chinese market: Sugar Reduction/Replacement, Fiber Enrichment, Plant-based Protein, PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids) Enrichment, and Texture and Taste Improvement.


Lianyungang site, the showcase of Roquette’s Chinese expansion

The plant in Lianyungang was the first industrial site of Roquette in China and has constantly evolved to get closer to markets and customers. As such, it transitioned from being a product manufacturer to a high-quality solution provider, making Roquette in China a reference in the food and nutrition ingredients market.

Additionally, Roquette has two other manufacturing plants in China, in Wuhan and Nanning. In 2019, the opening of the new “Food Innovation Center” including R&D and customer technical service in Shanghai was also a key milestone for Roquette to enhance closer partnerships with customers and further develop tailored nutritional solutions to the Asian market.


Well-being and Excellence, two of Roquette’s core values especially meaningful in China

The company is truly committed to working with the communities around its sites. In China, Roquette has made significant investments to reduce its environmental footprint and to strengthen relationships with local communities. The company organizes regular “Open Day” activities to invite the residents in neighboring communities to visit the plants and to address questions about production safety and environmental impacts.

On the occasion of this 20th anniversary celebration in China, Pierre Courduroux, CEO of Roquette, said : “At Roquette, life and nature have been our sources of inspiration for decades, and every day we all are proud to accomplish our mission to help better feed people and treat patients. We have conducted targeted investments over the last few years to become a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of plant proteins for food, nutrition and health markets. China is the perfect example of how local people can benefit from our global expertise and innovation to better address their expectations. We work closely with our customers and partners to develop recipes that enable people to maintain a healthy lifestyle with nutritious foods that taste and feel good.”


Roquette’s growth ambitions on the move globally

As a pioneer in the plant-based food revolution in China and worldwide, Roquette looks forward to keep responding to consumers’ demand for healthier nutrition. One of the most relevant trends, in China, the whole of Asia and elsewhere, is the rise of a new gastronomy based on plant protein, a market where Roquette is already a leader and making huge investments to ensure a secure, safe and sustainable global supply. In 2020, the company started the commissioning of the world’s largest pea protein facility in Portage la Prairie, Canada, while continuing to invest in its existing plant in Vic-sur-Aisne, France. Thanks to these global industrial capacities, its expertise and its innovation, Roquette will be uniquely positioned to serve customers all around the world, and to better meet the growing demand for plant protein.


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