Roquette Acquires An Extrusion Unit From Texpall In The Netherlands

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 | 1006 Views

Roquette Acquires An Extrusion Unit From Texpall In The Netherlands, a global leader in plant-based ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health markets and a pioneer in new vegetal proteins, has announced the acquisition of a facility specialised in the extrusion of plant-based proteins. With this acquisition, the group wants to expand its range of premium textured plant-based ingredients for the global meat alternatives market.

This new facility will reinforce Roquette’s position as a pioneer in specialty plant-based proteins for Food, Nutrition and Health markets. It will strengthen the Group’s offering of NUTRALYS textured pea proteins, known as NUTRALYS T65M and NUTRALYS T70S as premium alternative solutions to soy and wheat-based ones in the meat substitute market.

This acquisition is fully in-line with Roquette’s strategy to become the leading supplier of textured pulse proteins. Europe is the largest retail market globally for meat substitutes and a highly attractive sector, valued at €970M with an average 7 percent annual growth rate. This strong growth reflects consumers’ concerns for healthy and environment-friendly solutions. In addition to vegans and vegetarians, this plant-based category addresses flexitarian consumers with dietary preferences for vegetable choices.

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