Rockwell Automation Launches Singapore’s First Fully Integrated Connected Services Experience Centre

Thursday, July 18th, 2019 | 1857 Views

Rockwell Automation has announced the official opening of its new Connected Services Experience Centre (CSEC).

The Centre is the first of its kind in Singapore to fully demonstrate the integration of key technology platforms for IT-OT convergence, enabling customers touring the Centre to understand the benefits of the Connected Enterprise and the positive impact that it can have on their business. The Centre also illustrates how solutions and services offered by Rockwell Automation are entirely scalable and can be tailored to the business needs of customers.

Inbavanan Rathinam, Rockwell Automation Senior Director, Asia Pacific, Customer Support & Maintenance, Systems & Solutions Business commented: “The manufacturing sector is Singapore’s largest industry and is subject to external forces not only from across the region, but globally as well. We believe that embarking on the journey of digitalisation and The Connected Enterprise is key for businesses to realise their full potential. It allows them to take control of their future and grow their capabilities to adapt to industry challenges and opportunities that may be coming their way.”

“Our new Connected Services Experience Centre enables us to show, rather than tell, how our technology can help to bridge the gap between traditional plant floor technologies (OT level) and enterprise level demands (IT level). Using our technical expertise and industry know-how, we can demonstrate how we can help our customers to maximise performance, advance innovation and crucially, drive growth,” he continued.

Visitors to the Connected Services Experience Centre can experience first-hand the synergy of key technology platforms such as Network, Cybersecurity, Industrial Data Centre, Machine Learning as well as AR and VR. The Centre complements Rockwell Automation’s existing Factory Floor and Customer Experience Centre offerings, allowing visitors to experience The Connected Enterprise journey in its entirety.

John Watts, Marketing Director of Asia Pacific, Rockwell Automation, commented: “The Connected Services Experience Centre is a first for Singapore and an important addition to our offerings for customers across the Asia Pacific region. The pursuit of The Connected Enterprise is an ongoing process, utilising both innovation and tailored solutions that streamline industry processes and by immersing customers in the possibilities, we can work together to accelerate their journey towards digitalisation.”


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