Redefine Meat Launches Category-Defining Range Of ‘New-Meat’ Products, Marking Major Milestone For Expansion Of Alternative Meat

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 | 341 Views

Leading Alt-Meat innovator, Redefine Meat, has announced the commercial launch of its first ever series of ‘New-Meat’ products in Israel. Available today in select restaurants and hotels nationwide* (famous for their meat quality and most debuting Alt-meat for the first time), the plant-based range consists of a premium 170-gram (6 Oz.) hamburger, sausage, lamb kebab, middle eastern ‘cigar’, and ground beef developed for high-quality restaurants and open flame grilling. In Q4 2021, Redefine Meat will extend the rollout of its first New-Meat product range to Europe, with USA and Asia expected in 2022. The company also revealed that it will launch its first whole cut range later this year, following pilot-testing success.

With its eyes firmly set on meat lovers, Redefine Meat has worked closely with global meat experts and developed proprietary technologies to create a new category of high-quality meat products made from plant-based ingredients. One that does not compromise on the experience of eating animal meat, but also goes beyond todays Alt-Meat products – attracting new chefs and consumers to the fast growing category. Having made huge strides in developing technology to replace the entire cow, the company today brings to market its first product range delivering unparalleled taste and texture.

“Launching our first product portfolio represents a big step in our mission to become the world’s largest meat company, and accelerates our ability to bring to market our further innovation later this year” says Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and Co-Founder of Redefine Meat. “Each product in the range and the ones to follow are born from our understanding of meat at the molecular level, extensive R&D and technological innovation, which combined provides us the ability to create any meat product that exists today. This has been critical to achieving a superiority in taste that honestly, we did not even expect, and the technological versatility to do what no other has done – replace every part of the cow with tasty plant-based meat.”