DuPont Nutrition & Health: Plant-Based Nuggets

Thursday, February 1st, 2018 | 910 Views

The plant-based protein nugget range—Supro 90—from DuPont Nutrition & Health has expanded. The high protein level (90 percent) in the product can help manufacturers achieve desired protein levels while using nuts, seeds and fruit to add visual appeal.

Three new 90 percent protein nuggets have been added to the portfolio, each featuring a different shape, size and texture: Supro nuggets 580: firmer texture, oval-shaped nugget, crunchier texture and better piece integrity during processing; Supro nuggets 583: unstructured shape, crispy, crunchy texture, offers visual appeal in clustered cereals, yogurt topping, muesli and bars; Supro nuggets 585: larger round-shape, crunchy texture, suitable for novel snack formats, nutrition bars and cereals.