Packaging In The Metaverse

Tuesday, April 19th, 2022 | 1310 Views

You probably thinking, what does Packaging have to do with Metaverse, that’s a fair question.


Well, Companies & big brands are jumping into this game of Metaverse early to make their marketing game strong, By using your packaging materials as a portal into virtual and augmented realities, you can gain new business from within the metaverse that you would not have otherwise!

When it comes to the successful synthesis of physical packaging materials and digital worlds, there is no better example to illustrate this symbiotic relationship than Pizza Hut’s Augmented Reality Packaging campaign.

The genius marketing department at Pizza Hut designed a whole set of packaging materials and flyers that allow consumers to interact with an invisible digital world created by the world-famous pizza chain.

By using a smartphone or tablet, you can scan their pizza boxes, food containers, and brochures to get exclusive offers, coupons, video games, and other interactive experiences that can only be accessed through the devices above.

These unique digital experiences entice consumers to connect their digital footprint to the Pizza Hut brand and integrate their products into their avatar or digital identity. These experiences cause Pizza Hut’s customers to become a dedicated fan base who happily share these experiences on social media, further expanding the brand’s presence in the digital realm which the metaverse will eventually enfold.

As the architecture of the metaverse is built by technology and gaming companies, brands like Pizza Hut, who implement these capabilities early on, will have greater marketing and sales capabilities than their competitors, who are limited to physical reality.