Novel Ingredients From Food Waste Finding New Applications

Thursday, May 26th, 2016 | 706 Views

Novel ingredients are being created from food waste as sustainability and technological advances are improving extraction and processing methods. These novel ingredients are finding new applications in foods, nutraceuticals and personal care products.

According to United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), an estimated third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted in the supply chain. There is thus a need for food companies and retailers are to become more efficient and reduce losses.

A trend has appeared where waste that was previously going to low-end applications, such as animal feed and biogas, is making its way into new ingredients.

Swiss company FoodSolutionsTeam, for instance, is using green chemistry to extract active materials from food side streams. Made from carrot pulp, its KaroPRO ingredient has water binding applications in processed foods. Another company using extraction techniques to produce ingredients is Phytonext, which makes use of citrus peel and tomato waste.

The EU is also funding research to create new ingredients from food waste. The Biorice project for example, involves extracting starch from rice waste to make ingredients for functional foods, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. Another project, Apropos, involves taking proteins from salmon and rapeseed waste for cosmetic applications.

Novel ingredients are already making inroads into natural personal care products. Marks & Spencer is using resveratrol, an ingredient from grape waste, in its Super Grape skincare range. French company Caudalie has built an entire range of natural personal care products from grapevine-based and grapeseed ingredients such as resveratrol and polyphenols.

This news was first published at Organic Monitor.