No Chance For Mould!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 | 2014 Views

For the building and vehicle technology as well as for the aircraft industry, mould is not only a great annoyance, but also a serious health hazard. To prevent this, it is not only important to use the right ventilation technology, but also to use mould-resistant components. Therefore, igus had its materials tested for mould growth. The result: all plain bearings are resistant to fungi and bacteria.

If mould develops in ventilation systems, the mould spores in closed rooms, vehicles and buildings are permanently distributed in the air and can easily get into the respiratory tract. To avoid this risk, designers rely on machine elements that are resistant to mould. The high-performance plastics from igus are such materials. In a laboratory test, seven iglidur materials were tested for the effect of microorganisms in accordance with DIN EN ISA 846 method A. This test examined the resistance of the materials to fungi and bacteria. After all, plastics can be used by microorganisms as a source of food and can be changed by the metabolic products of the bacteria. For the test, the plain bearings were stored in a special culture for four weeks at 29 degrees Celsius. The result: an alteration was not found on the tested materials, nor was there a case of mildew.


Various Possible Uses In Ventilation Technology

The mould-resistant, lubrication-free and maintenance-free plain bearings are used in aircraft seat and arm adjustments and for the storage of onboard kitchen equipment and luggage lockers. In building technology, plain bearings made of iglidur materials can be found, for example, in ventilators and in air damper regulators, which also benefit from the corrosion-free nature of the plastic bearings. Here, the plain bearings also display their insensitivity to dirt. The polymer bearings are easy to clean and resistant to temperature, media and chemicals. Another advantage: The service life of iglidur bearings can be easily determined online with the service life calculator.


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