NiceLabel To Provide Free Label Cloud Software To Organisations Fighting COVID-19

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 | 1610 Views

NiceLabel is offering free subscriptions of its cloud-based labeling solution and technical consulting services to organisations that have joined the fight against COVID-19.

The company has launched the non-commercial and non-profit-based initiative in order to help these organisations get much needed deliveries of medical equipment and supplies; respirators, disinfectants, masks or other critical supplies to those in need as quickly as possible.

Having the cloud-based labeling solution in place will enable these organisations to produce new labels quickly and rapidly add them to the packaging used on their new product lines to ensure that equipment and materials arrive on the front line without delay.

Organisations likely to qualify include manufacturers re-focusing on the production of critical healthcare supplies; farms and other food producers who must meet new labeling requirements to supply critical food to supermarkets; hospitals and other organisations involved in fighting COVID-19.

In delivering a free labeling solution to these organisations, NiceLabel will engage with them both directly and, where appropriate, through value added resellers and other IT solutions partners.

“We wanted to help eliminate any delays in the delivery of supplies by ensuring that labeling is never an obstacle to getting critical items to the front line as fast as possible. Our multi-tenant cloud platform allows us from a remote location to get labeling anywhere around the world – and to do it ultra-fast,” said Ken Moir, NiceLabel VP of Marketing.


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