News From SIKO: Compact Positioning Drive With IO-Link

Monday, March 23rd, 2020 | 461 Views

When formats are changed on production machines such as packaging machines, labelers, textile machines, printing machines or wood-processing machines, precise and reproducible positioning is always crucial. As well as optimising machine setup times, fully automated positioning drives can prevent incorrect settings, which in turn prevents waste and damage. SIKO positioning drives can do all this by design, but are now available for the first time ever with an IO-Link interface. For example, the new AG03/1 IO-Link positioning drive.


Plug & Play with IO-Link

The AG03/1 positioning drive enables fast integration via a point-to-point connection using simple I/O connection technology. Thanks to the open, manufacturer-independent standard of the IO-Link interface, convenient integration options are available for machine control systems from all leading providers. IO-Link master components can be used to network multiple devices on a modular basis. This reduces complexity and cabling outlay as well as the costs involved in commissioning. The standardised wiring, combined with additional diagnostic features, improves serviceability and reduces downtimes in the event of errors. The IO-Link master allows parameter data to be read from a field device, stored, and loaded onto a new device of the same type when the old one is replaced – even while the process is still running.


Communication right to the cloud

In the Industry 4.0 (smart factory) environment it is often not enough to exchange pure process data; rather, the communication must also enable values to be retrieved for diagnostic purposes, such as final stage temperature, motor current, and various voltage values. The electronic type plate further offers clear identification of the unit type, plus the serial number and the hardware and software versions, which also facilitates planning of maintenance intervals.


Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

SIKO positioning drives provide specific data via the IO-Link interface, so that it can be used for tasks such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance in centralised, higher-level systems, in some cases in the cloud. With the open IO-Link standard, a wide range of network components from various manufacturers is available so that seamless communication can be realised from the field level up to the cloud, securely and simply.


All-round solution for minimum installation spaces

Even with axle spacings of just 37 mm, the two adjacent AG03/1 positioning drives do not interfere with each other and so can be used with axles that are very closely positioned to one another. Integrated with the positioning drive in a compact housing just 80 mm deep is the position measuring system, all the control electronics, and the IO-Link interface.


50W drive for a wide spectrum of applications

The brushless 24V EC motor has an output of 50W, is not subject to wear and so offers a long service life. Yet its 3.2 Nm of torque and its maximum speed of up to 100 rpm ensure top performance for adjustments of formats, stops, and tools. The absolute magnetic measuring system, with 1600 steps per revolution, outputs position values with high resolution – over the entire travel path of ±6250 revolutions. Accordingly, reference movements on drive startup are no longer necessary. Further, the magnetic measuring system has proven to be resistant to dirt, moisture, shock, and vibrations.



  • Integrated IO-Link interface, M12 connection technology
  • Supply via IO-Link master or separately
  • Compact design, hence space-saving and easy to install
  • Hollow shaft throughout up to max. ø14 mm
  • Brushless 50 W, 24 V EC motor with long lifespan
  • Integrated power and control electronics with protection against wrong polarity and overload
  • Integrated absolute position encoder on the drive shaft


By Mr. Jürgen Schuh, DriveLine product manager, SIKO