New Robotic Systems In Chilean Dairy Farm To Create World’s Biggest Robotic Milking Farm

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 | 931 Views

Fundo El Risquillo, a large farm in Chile with 6,500 dairy cows, will be installing 64 DeLaval VMS milking robots, making it the world’s largest robotic milking farm.

The farm, owned by Agrícola Ancali and part of the Bethia Group, already has 16 DeLaval VMS installed, going on an average yield of 45.2 litres for the 920 cows going through the robotic milking system. This is a 10-percent increase in milk production from before the robotic systems were installed.

“The benefits have been remarkable,” says Pedro Heller, CEO at Ancali Agrícola. “More production, better animal welfare conditions and less stress for the cows.”

The robotic milking system differs from the conventional rotary milking system. In the former, a cow stands in a small metal enclosure and robotic arms attached to the metal enclosure appear to scan the underside of the cow to search for its udders. After locating them, it attaches a rubber hose that handles the milking.

In addition to cost benefits and increase in production levels, the farm also claims that the system causes less stress to the cows.

The farm includes of other cow comfort solutions from DeLaval such as ventilation systems, cow cooling, rubber flooring, swinging cow brushes, water troughs and illumination.

The first DeLaval VMS installation took place with eight milking robots in October 2014. By early 2017, the 64 DeLaval VMS’s will be installed to make this farm the largest robotic milking farm and one of the most productive.