New ISO Specification For Better Management Of Animal Welfare Worldwide

Friday, December 2nd, 2016 | 864 Views

Protecting an animal’s welfare means providing for its physical and mental needs. The new ISO standard for animal welfare addresses this.

The farming of animals is no longer just seen as a means of food production but as an ethical concern.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the treatment of animals and the well-being of farmed animals is strongly associated with the quality, and even the safety, of food. As consumer awareness of animal welfare issues continues to rise, the demand for products complying with animal welfare standards is growing, giving producers who maintain these high standards a competitive advantage.

Likewise, the food industry is taking more action to better implement animal welfare management. The new ISO technical specification ISO/TS 34700:2016, “Animal welfare management—General requirements and guidance for organisations in the food supply chain”, will help the food and feed industry to develop an animal welfare plan that is aligned with the principles of the World Organisation of Animal Health (OIE) Terrestrial Animal Health Code (TAHC) and ensure the welfare of farm animals across the supply chain.

Animal welfare management as described by the standard, has been developed to be adapted to various situations, including:

    – Different production systems and different organisations in the supply chain for products of animal origin, regardless of size and country
    – Different geographical, cultural and religious contexts
    – Developed as well as developing countries

The standard will apply to terrestrial animals bred or kept for the production of food or feed.