Nestle To Launch Sugar-Free Milo In Thailand

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 | 2172 Views

Nestle will be introducing its sugar-free Milo—a chocolate-malt packet drink—in Thailand by June 2019. This new product does not contain added sugar, and instead relies on the natural sweetness from the milk and malt constituents.

“As of today, Nestle has 48 stock keeping units (SKU) with the Thai Healthier Choice Logo, and the company will continue to work with relevant authorities and stakeholders to do our part to support efforts to make Thailand a healthier nation,” said Victor Seah, Senior Executive from Nestle Indochina, at a press conference in March.

“Although the amount of sugar in our products has always met strict World Health Organisation guidelines, we understand the importance of sugar reduction. This is why we take a proactive approach to help individuals and families reduce their added-sugar intake through educational initiatives and by offering new choices to consumers,” he added.

The move is in response to the government’s public health policy to reduce consumption of sugar. Thailand’s government has introduced a sugar tax which imposes a 14 percent tax on the retail price of sweetened beverages, plus an additional sugar tax depending on its sugar content. Other countries in the region like Malaysia and Philippines have also excised sugar tax on its sugary drinks. The sugar taxes have motivated beverage makers to develop drinks with lower sugar levels.